Yoga FAQs and True Answers

How is pure Yoga beneficial to me?

Contrary to pouplar belief, Yoga is not all about Asana. Pure Ashtanga Yoga as explained by Maharishi Patanjali through his Yoga Sutras, is the most definitive guide to human psychology and Self-actualisation. The Yoga Sutras are 195 short yet potent phrases encompassed in four chapters. Each Sutra provides deep insights into your mind and reveals the most intriguing aspects of your psyche.

The Yoga Sutras explain the concepts of Karma and Samskara (your actions and subtle impressions that arise from them), knowing which you can free yourself from Karmic bondage. The Yoga Sutras present to you the full path of self-purification, through which God-realisation becomes possible. Read the full series of FAQs on how you can benefit through Yoga.

How is God described in the Yoga Sutras?

God is described as a Supreme Being; the only One to have no impurities. His Work is such that it bears no karmic bondage. He has no selfish motives and gives up the fruits of all His Divine Actions. God is the Omniscient Guru of all Gurus (Chap 1: 24, 25, 26). Read the full series of FAQs on God.

How can I understand important Yoga Sutra concepts?

To help you understand the essence of pure Yoga, we've prepared for you a list of core concepts that you will find in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Enjoy your study!

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