Six Stages of Human Consciousness

Presented through a series of eBooks, Six Stages of Human Consciousness guides you to six stages of higher awareness and pure living.

  • Stage 1 : Understand the truth about Yoga and why this pure practice is essential for you to achieve stability, mindfulness, successful mediation, and God-realisation
  • Stage 2 : Start your process of self-transformation through Yoga
  • Stage 3 : Choose wisely so you can reduce your karmic burden
  • Stage 4 : Deepen your devotion to God
  • Stage 5 : Develop pure non-attachment to materialistic desires
  • Stage 6 : Experience penetrating states of deep awareness

What Lies Within?

  • eBook 1 : Yoga : Purity
    • What is the purpose of your human birth?
    • Which path can lead you straight to Self-realisation?
    • Which five impurities keep disrupting your peace and causing your painful suffering?
    • Which three Pure Deeds can burn your impure karmic impressions?
    • How can you see God?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 1: Yog : Purity. Download full eBook.

  • eBook 2 : Kriya : Self Purity
    • How does your self-transformation begin?
    • Which Impure Qualities must you remove? Which Pure Qualities should you cultivate?
    • Which 3-fold practise is so powerful that it can bring you stability, contentment and God-realisation?
    • Which two factors determine how quickly you will progress spiritually?
    • What do you require to reach your Supreme Goal?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 2: Kriya : Self Purity. Download full eBook.

  • eBook 3 : Karma : Choose Purity
    • What is the Law of Karma?
    • What is the difference between your Free Will and your Karma?
    • Which three modes influence all your choices?
    • How do your impure choices increase your karmic burden?
    • Which two pure qualities can clear your impure karmic impressions?
    • Who has the supreme power to burn countless karmic imprints in one go?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 3: Karma : Choose Purity. Download full eBook.

  • eBook 4 : Bhakti : Pure Love for God
    • What does Bhakti really mean?
    • What are the four stages of Bhakti?
    • Which eight Pure Qualities are required to deepen your devotion?
    • What is the true meaning of Mukti?
    • Why should you chant the Lord's Name?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 4: Bhakti : Pure Love for God. Download full eBook.

  • eBook 5 : Vairagya : Pure Non-attachment
    • What impact do your desires have on you?
    • What can give you eternal joy?
    • Why should you renounce all impure pursuits?
    • How can you cultivate full self-reliance?
    • Do you have to shun the world to realise your Pure Self?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 5: Vairagya : Pure Non-attachment.
      Download full eBook

  • eBook 6 : Raja : Living Through Purity
    • What is Samadhi? How does Samadhi occur?
    • How can you develop one-pointedness on God?
    • Is it possible to see your Soul?
    • What exactly is Self-actualisation?
    • What is the importance of Kaivalya for you?
    • Is it possible for you to become 'same as God'?
    • Find answers to your questions in eBook 6: Raja : Living Through Purity.
      Download full eBook.


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