Yoga Teachers Training:
6 New Ways to Be Successful

If you are searching for the right Teachers Training Course, or are looking for teaching opportunities, follow these six guidelines implicitly. You will surely deepen your Yoga practice and gain Purity, Contentment and Success.

Important Note for Teachers and Teachers-to-be:
Teaching Yoga is a serious responsibility. Despite knowing the full practise of the eight-fold path of pure Yoga, impure teachers succumb to the temptation of teaching only Asana and a mishmash of superfluous meditation techniques. Yoga, for them, is an outward exhibition of body beauty. It is best that at least you remain pure and true to the full practice of Yoga, so you can move forward quickly to your spiritual Goal. Here are some tips to keep you going.

  1. Offer 'Dakshina' to God - The Vedic scriptures mention that you owe five debts: To Rishis (Sages and Gurus), Ancestors, Demi-gods, Humanity, and Nature. Every now and then, ask yourself, 'Why do Rishis and Gurus work tirelessly to move all beings forward spiritually?' It is easy for you to forget that Yoga has come to you through a pure Guru-Disciple tradition, which is supremely sacred even today. A disciple is bound to give a Guru 'dakshina' (an offering of gratitude) at the end of his or her study with the Guru. However, these days, students do not offer their Guru anything. They take their Teacher's Training Certificate and rush home to make money. It will stand you in good stead to remind yourself often of the inexplicable sacrifices and supreme hardships that the Great Sages and Gurus have endured in order to receive and pass on the wisdom of Yoga to you. Your pure and mindful awareness, and heartfelt gratitude, will serve as 'dakshina' to God. You will surely be guided, protected and purified on The Path to your spiritual Goal.
  2. Remain True - Always remember: A Teacher's Training Certificate qualifies you to teach a certain spectrum of society. It does not make you a Yogi or even a Yoga Guru. It takes lifetimes of pure and selfless service to God before you can become a Yogi and a Guru. So please do not attach these words to your name just to make a fashion statement. This is our most humble request to you.
  3. Choose Purity - SkinnyYoga, Yoga4Burn, Yoga4WeightLoss, AcroYoga, BeerYoga, BallYoga, HotYogaStudio, CoolYogaSpa etc. are impure names that stop spiritual progress. Do not sell yourself in this wasteful manner. If you want to teach, choose a name that is Sattvic and pure; which resonates with your inner Self and not your outer body only. Choose a pure word that signifies 'Oneness with God'. Choose a clean font to match this spiritual emotion. Most importantly, ensure that you honour this identity throughout.
  4. Refuse the Temptation to Sell Yoga as Fitness - Please do not open an aromatic 'Yoga Studio' or a 'Yoga Spa' or a 'Yoga Gym' and sell all sorts of strange 'Yoga packages' to all. If you have learned Yoga in India, you have most likely learned it in an authentic school or aashram, while sitting at the feet of your Guru. This is how Yoga is meant to be taught. Please do not pollute this sacred practise with your 'modern vision' and 'unique style'. Rishis and Yoginis are supremely visionary. Despite their great foresight, they chose to impart this wisdom in a certain way. Adhere to this way so you can reap its benefits. Awaken to your responsibilities as a student and a teacher of Yoga. This will take you in the right direction, quickly.
  5. Pronounce Words Correctly - Although 'Yog' is most frequently written as 'Yoga', the right pronunciation is 'Yog' and not 'Yogaa'. Similarly, say 'Yam' and not 'Yamaa'; 'Niyam' and not 'Niyamaa'; 'Aasan' and not 'Aasanaa'; 'Praanaayaam' and not 'Pranayamaa'. When you focus on the purity of your intonations, the right vibrations will most naturally be generated within you. Listen to the Sanskrit chanting of the Yoga Sutras and Srimad Bhagavad Gita. This will assist you to learn pure intonations.
  6. Use Yoga Terminology Responsibly - Please do not use the word 'Yoga' as another name for 'Asana'. Asana forms only one-eighth of the entire practise of pure Yoga. Also, please do not say, 'Yoga and Meditation'. Like Asana, Meditation is one part of Yoga. Do not package Yoga as you please. Explain the FULL practise of the 8-fold part of Ashtanga Yoga to your students. Tell them about the Truth revealed in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Study authentic Yoga scriptures. Practise the 8-fold path yourself. This is an important part of your pure Sadhana.

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